Disney Drone

In this project we collaborated with the team of Disney to help them rethink the way location scouting works. We created a platform for them to explore and manage their use of drones whenever a scouter goes on the hunt for a location for a shooting scene. I worked with the lead UX designer to create animated illustrations and iconography to make sure this application felt friend and accessible to any user regardless or their drone-handling expertise.  



The user can select multiple shots to be performed by the drone. Whenever he creates a new scouting session he can add a series of shots that will be performed. For this we created an animated progress bar that would excite and let the user know the status of the drone.


Animating empty states is one of my favorites things. What usually is a cold empty void, can become a heartwarming and engaging moment, and most importantly we can emphasize what action the user should take next


Although drone technology is advancing at an incredibly rapid pace, there's still many things that can go wrong. For this I created a series of animated illustrations that would help the user understand more calmly what is going on in their mission and with their drone.

Navigation Icons

As a hint of delight, I created animated navigation icons that would trigger whenever the user taps on a tab. This was meant to carry the momentum of fun regardless where in the app you're going next!