Project Overview

State Farm asked us to increase mobile adoption through better organization of their products. They have a lot of products. It took finess to properly merge insurance and and banking, but the result was a beautiful, unified app, communicating between lines of service. Now, you can deposit a check and pay your insurance bill with it, all from your phone.


promotional material 

I worked with an illustrator to bring to life a short video describing the amazing outcome and experience that was working in this project. We highlighted a few of the most notable features that changed how the app worked. From sketching storyboards to writing the script, we narrated a story of how we completely re-thinked and changed how insurance apps can work


I designed animations for the onboarding experience. We decided to put extra effort on this part of the since it's the doors to the rest of the features. We wanted users to know that this was a new era for state farm and their brand voice.

Animated badges

Part of the revamp of the State farm app was including illustrations throughout the app and marketing material. I was asked to animate a series of badges to represent core functions of the app. 

custom Loading animation

Small details are important. So I designed a custom loading state for State Farm. Reusing their famous three circled logo. The intent was to create a soothing yet familiar experience.