People Network

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we stay connected to our world. From social media, entertainment, food, fitness and beyond, mobile devices have evolved to keep us up-to-date in real-time on all the information that defines our modern culture. The exception to this, thus far, has been our contacts, which has never evolved
much past the flip phone era. PEOPLE, is a real-time cloud based contact management system that organizes and maintains all your contacts in one place. PEOPLE is a simple, easy-to-use system that works on all of your devices.



For this project is was tasked to work with the client to rethink what the People Network could be. I started by doing a competitive analysis and an app audit to understand where did the app currently stood in its lifecycle. I broke down the user flows that the user took for the core features of the app. After identifying opportunities to streamline some flows and improve the overall experience, I started working on wireframes to reflects these changes. We did multiple rounds of iterations after weekly reviews with the client and developers, presenting prototypes and mock ups to illustrate some major changes.  


"Starting a connection" is the equivalent to add a friend on the app. For this I wanted to have an instructional animated illustration that would hint what the definition on a connection is. 


One the main features of the app reside at the People's Button. This is where the heart of the app lives. Users can introduce, share location and most importantly start connections with other members of this app. Due to the importance of this CTA I added extra visual weight by creating an eye-catching animation whenever it's tapped.


As an alternate version, I thought having a more abstract version for the animation for this page. I decided to bring a "data" element to this animation by including floating particles floating around a network. 


When the user is initially syncing their contacts to their account, there is a moment of loading time. For this I created a loading animation that could loop and entertain the user during long waits.